August 8, 2022

Kanye West & his beef with Pete Davidson is getting out of hand. Kanye West released a number of videos via Instagram this morning where he expressed his concerns about his daughter being on TikTok. Shorty after he explain what exactly added fire to the situation we got the official text messages between the too.

Pete Davidson: “Yo it’s skeet. Can you please take a second to calm down it’s 8 AM and it don’t gotta be like this. Kim is Literally the best mother I’ve ever met. What she does for those kids is amazing and you are so fucking lucky that she’s your kids mom. I’ve decided I’m not going let you treat us this way anymore and I’m done being quiet. Grown the fuck up”

Kanye responds “Oh You using profanity”… “Where are you right now”

Pete Davidson – “Im bed with your wife”

Kanye West: “Happy to see you’re out of the hospital and rehab”

Pete Davidson: “Same here. It’s wonders what those places do when you go get help/ You should try it”. I’m in LA for the day if you wanna stop being a little internet bitch boy and talk”.

Pete: You don’t scare me bro, your actions are so pussy & embarrassing”. It’s so sad to watch you ruin your legacy on the daily”.

Kanye West: “You’re more than welcome to come to Sunday Service”

Pete: “Why don’t you meet me after Sunday service and Saints game.. I’ll be at the BHH we can have food and talk it out in my room. Privately one on one. Man to men. What you are doing to your family is dangerous & going to scar them for life. Please handle these matters privately bro I beg You.”

Kanye West “You Wanna See me, Come to Sunday Service”

Pete: “This isn’t public dude. I’m not here for pictures and press. Which is obviously all you care about. My Offer Stands. I Wish You’d man up for once in your life”. Let me help you man, I struggle with mental stuff too.. it’s not an easy journey. You Don’t have to feel this way anymore. There is no shame in having a little help. You’ll be happy and at peace. You have no idea how nice I’ve been to you despite tour actions towards me. I’ve stopped SNL from talking about or making fun of you which they’ve wanted to do for months. I’ve stopped stand up comedians.